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Welcome to 
Pacific Union College 

Adventist Church.

College. Community. Family. Faith.

This Week

  • PUC Community 12/7 | Presented by SA  | 10AM PUC Church

  • PUCE Christmas Concert 12/7 | 630PM Paulin Hall

  • PUC Christmas On The Hill 12/8 | Candlelight Concert  | 8PM PUC Church

  • Sabbath Worship Service 12/9 | Music feat. PUC Prep  | 11:15AM PUC Church

  • PUC Christmas On The Hill 12/9 | Afternoon Concert  | 4PM PUC Church

  • PUC Prep Winter Concert 12/9 | Evening Concert  | PUC Prep 

  • Paulin Center for the Arts Holiday Concert 12/10 | 11AM Paulin Hall

Church Schedule

Our Church is Open for Services.

Study Groups
and Sabbath Schools
Worship Service
Music livestream begins at 11:00 am 

Saturday - 10 am

Saturday - 11:15 am


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